Storage & Repairs

Container Storage and Handling


Onsite storage is available, as well as containers for portable storage.

Tyne’s St. Peters operation is the largest in New South Wales with a capacity of 10,000 TEU and an annual throughput of over 80,000 TEU. Tyne repairs more than 10,000 TEU annually.

Repairs & Cleaning

Tyne employs a large crew of repairers who, have between them, many years experience in repairing minor to major damage on all types of container equipment.

Tyne also provides a full container cleaning facility, providing an extremely important service for units selected for special applications, i.e. rice quality, food quality, etc.

Cleaning service procedures and equipment comply with all EPA requirements



Tyne offers a complete refrigerated container repair and maintenance service both in-house, dockside, aboard ship or at premises ashore.

Tyne’s technicians operate from fully equipped, mobile workshops, offering clients full PTI, data acqisition and transmission, warranty repairs, machinery and carcass repair and general service.

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